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Farmers, homeowners, day care providers, well drillers, realtors, vets, feed lots, nutritionists and others depend on DHIA Laboratories for professional testing and analysis. Our lab facility is centrally located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. DHIA Laboratories began in 1968 testing milk samples to improve dairy operations. The facility has since expanded to include much more:

  • Feed and Forage—including testing for dairy cows, beef cows, swine, equine, mold, mycotoxins and wet chemistry

  • Manure Analysis—efficiently manage farm resources

  • Certified Water Testing—homes, farms, well drillers, realtors, daycares, municipalities, watersheds

  • Milk Testing—accurate testing for dairy herd improvement, including MUN, Johnes and Milk Culturing


At the heart of all processes and analyses you’ll find a dedicated, professional staff, many who have been with DHIA Labs for years. Lab Manager, Lab Services Specialist, Chemist, sales staff, office manager, lab technicians and field service representatives all make up our strong, stable team. All of DHIA Labs’ management level staff have a four-year college degree, vocational training or beyond. Most staff members attend continuing education to remain up-to-date on all the latest techniques and information.

Excellence through growth...

With a strong history based in agricultural testing, along with our solid successes in many other areas, DHIA Laboratories is confidently expanding to other testing markets and needs. Our clients’ expectations and requests continue to be the motivation for our growth. We strive to respond quickly with more services, delivered conveniently for our customers. Continued growth is surely expected with our exceptional facility and excellent staff—building on our solid history of accurate testing with trusted results.

Stearns DHIA Laboratories
825 12th Street South, PO Box 227
Sauk Centre, MN 56378-0227
320.352.2028 · 800.369.2697
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Monday-Friday: 8AM-4PM


Drop Off Location
Sauk Centre Front Entrance Drop Off
Open 24 Hours
Refrigerator Available for Water, Milk,
and Wet Feed Samples